Holistic & Biomimetic Dentistry

Our patients benefit from minimally invasive & conservative dental treatment

At Praus Dentistry we use the best materials in adhesive dentistry combined with biomimetic technique to preserve your natural tooth structure and strengthen the tooth to avoid costly root canal and crown procedures whenever possible. If you do not see photos, please refresh the page


Large decay were present under the old leaky tooth color fillings. New tooth color fillings were placed with impeccable bonding and functional anatomies


Large crack line was present on the lower 2nd molar tooth. Traditional dentistry would have placed a full coverage crown on this tooth, sacrificing over 50% of tooth structure. However, using biomimetic approach this tooth was conservatively restored with advanced bonding and composite resin reinforced with Ribbond fiber


Patient came in with severely broken tooth. Again, traditional dentistry would recommend either extraction or root canal treatment. However, biomimetic approach pushes the boundary of adhesive dentistry to allow for more conservative treatment options. Tooth was restored with composite resin filling with Ribbond fiber reinforcement


Old tooth color filling was fractured because there was a large tooth decay under this filling. The tooth was restored conservatively with new composite resin filling without the need for a full coverage crown


Tooth decay fillings dentist cary
Tooth decay developed on one of the old tooth color fillings. The last two molar teeth also had decay on the occlusal chewing surfaces. All three teeth were restored with new composite resin restorations